Kidung Persekutuan Reformed Injili (KPRI) 98 - Many Gifts One Spirit

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KPRI98: Many Gifts One Spirit

Lagu: Al Carmines
Tune: Katherine
Syair: tidak diketahui

1=C 4/4

1Korintus 12:4
Syair bahasa Inggris

God of change and glory, God of time and space,
When we fear the future, give to us your grace.
In the midst of changing ways, give us still the grace to praise.


Many gifts, one Spirit, one love known in many ways.
In our difference is blessing, from diversity we praise.
One Giver, one Lord, one Spirit, one Word
Known in many ways, hallowing our days.
For the Giver, for the gifts, Praise! Praise! Praise!


God of many colors, God of many signs,
You have made us diff'rent, blessing many kinds.
As the old ways disappear, let Your love cast out our fear.


Freshness of the morning, newness of each night,
You are still creating endless love and light.
This we see, as shadows part, many gifts from One Great Heart.

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Many Gifts One Spirit

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