Kidung Persekutuan Reformed Injili (KPRI) 9 - Worthy of Worship

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KPRI9: Worthy of Worship

Lagu: Mark Blankenship, 1988
Tune: Judson
Syair: Terry W. York, 1988

1=F 3/4

Wahyu 4:11
Syair bahasa Inggris

Worthy of worship, worthy of praise,
Worthy of honour and glory;
Worthy of all the glad songs we sing,
Worthy of all the off'rings we bring;


You are worthy, Father, Creator,
You are worthy, Saviour, Sustainer,
You are worthy, worthy and wonderful,
Worthy of worship and praise.


Worthy of rev'rence, worthy of fear,
Worthy of love and devotion;
Worthy of bowing and bending of knees
Worthy of all this and added to these.


Almighty Father, Master and Lord,
King of all kings and Redeemer,
Wonderful Counsellor, Comforter, Friend
Saviour and Source of our life without end;

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Worthy of Worship

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